This week in RE, class 5G, has been understanding what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We have studied various scripture passages and stories that have helped us understand how we can be Jesus' apostles. During lessons, we have also looked at various jobs within the Christian service and what qualities and responsibilities these people might have. Class 5G has created a prayer book, which will be sent home each week for children to write a prayer, in their own faith or language. These prayers could be about children's family, what they are most grateful for or a prayer for guidance and strength.

This week Class 5 started a RE new topic: Life choices. We discussed the meaning of friendship, its importance and what it takes to maintain it. After reflecting on the words responsibility, fidelity and commitment, we discussed the life of Jesus and his disciples and what we can learn from it.


We have been looking at the importance of family in RE. We have learned that we are all a part of God's family and we need to show love and respect to everyone. We have also learned about Abraham and how he became the Father of a Great Nation. He is at the top of Jesus' family tree.


Year two has had an excellent start to the autumn term in our RE lessons. Our unit of study is about new beginnings. We have confirmed our understanding of the story of creation from the book of Genesis. We then were able to retell the story of God's amazing work at the very beginning when he created everything. Our most recent task was to write a psalm (a prayer song) to celebrate all of God's creations and confirm our understanding that he was there at all beginnings past, present and future.


In Class 13, we are preparing for our Year 6 leavers Mass with Class 14. As our time at St Edward's is shortly coming to an end, we are taking time to reflect on our religious journey throughout primary school. We have reflected on our achievements, successes, highs and lows and the spiritual life lessons that we have learnt along the way. As we look towards the future, we may be nervous about secondary school and the future ahead, but we know that God has big plans for each and everyone of us and He will be with us every step of the way.