Friday 13th September - Issue 117


Dear Parents/Carers,

It’s been an interesting week meeting our new pupils coming into Nursery and Reception and we are very happy to greet some new parents and old friends.

It is lovely to see all our pupils still in fantastic school uniform and, although it is still warm, it is great to see pupils have switched to their autumn/winter uniform. They look very smart.

In the dining hall our caterers are providing healthy and great tasting food. It is important that children practice the skill of using a knife and fork whilst eating lunch as this will stand them in good stead as they go through life.

Once out on the playground, Mr Tissot reminds all our pupils that he does not want to see pushing, pulling, holding and hitting (even in jest) in the playground. He is encouraging children to play football, table tennis and to use the play equipment sensibly.

We are introducing a theme of the week and this week coming it will be internet safety. Along with using our new computer suite, the whole school will be focusing on how we can use and enjoy the internet safely and responsibly. The NSPCC website has very useful tips on how to help your child stay safe online.

We are looking forward to meeting our year six parents at our ‘Up the Ante’ meeting on Thursday the 17th September. This meeting will focus on how working together we can raise the achievement of year six and improve SATs grades. Better grades will enable a better start in year seven. The meeting will also encompass transition into year seven. A representative from our sister school, St. George’s, will be present to talk about transition. For information on Westminster secondary admissions, please click here.

Please note that there has been a change to the date of the year two curriculum meeting. It will now be happening on Thursday the 26th September.

From next Friday our homework will be sent out on Friday afternoon and collected back in on Wednesday. This will allow pupils more quality time to tackle their homework. We will remind everyone that it is important to read every night and for reading records to be signed every day.

We are very pleased that our class visits to the local library will start next Thursday and will continue on a weekly basis with every class having an opportunity to visit.

Our year four children enjoyed their swimming lessons this week and I would like to encourage everyone that every child has their full PE kit available in school. Our PE curriculum is accessible to all with the correct kit.

We hope everyone has a peaceful and happy weekend.

Best wishes

Mr Tissot and Ms Thomas


Our class assemblies are held on Thursdays at 9:00am in the Top Hall. Parents and carers of the class hosting the assembly are warmly invited to attend.

10th October - Class 3

17th October - Class 2

31st October - Class 6S

7th November - Class 6M

14th November - Class 1

21st November - Class 4T

28th November - Class 4Y

5th December - Class 5C

12th December - Class 5G


16th September (Monday) - Year 4 ‘Up the Ante’ Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (classroom)

17th September (Tuesday) - Year 6 ‘Up The Ante’ Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (Top Hall)

18th September (Wednesday) - Year 1 Parent Curriculum Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (classroom)

19th September (Thursday) - Year 3 Parent Curriculum Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (classroom)

23rd September (Monday) - Year 5 ‘Up the Ante’ Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (classrooms)

26th September (Thursday) - Year 2 Parent Curriculum Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (classroom)


Wednesday Word.jpg


Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for your love and care. Please help us to care for creation and to do your work in the world with a loving and caring heart. Amen.



Our whole school attendance for this week is 96.6%.

The school gates open at 8:40 am and children need to be in class by 9:00 am. Attendance and punctuality are crucial, as continuous absence and lateness will result in your child missing important teacher instructions and learning.

RE CORNER - Class Two


Year two has had an excellent start to the autumn term in our RE lessons. Our unit of study is about new beginnings. We have confirmed our understanding of the story of creation from the book of Genesis. We then were able to retell the story of God's amazing work at the very beginning when he created everything. Our most recent task was to write a psalm (a prayer song) to celebrate all of God's creations and confirm our understanding that he was there at all beginnings past, present and future.