Friday 6th September - Issue 116



Dear Parents/Carers,

We are delighted to join St. Edward’s and have had a really warm welcome from staff, pupils and parents. We look forward to working with all your children to ensure they achieve as much as they possibly can and grow in the love of God this year.

This morning Mr Tissot gave an uplifting whole school assembly in which the children and staff reverently said the new school prayer. He explained to the children that a new gold star system was starting on Monday where children will be rewarded for exceptional effort. We want to encourage children to understand that if they always do their best, we will always try to recognise their effort.

Mr Tissot also told our pupils that they may bring in their own table tennis bats, clearly marked with their name and entirely at their own risk.

We congratulate our pupils and parents on the fantastic uniform this week and would like to remind everyone that coats and hats need to be either blue or black in colour.

We also wish to congratulate all our pupils on their good behaviour and manners, including table manners in the dinner hall. This year school meals cost £1.95 per day. Our school meals are freshly prepared on site, including bread and confectionery and there is also a fantastic salad bar and a delicious selection of puddings available. It has been lovely to see the healthy packed lunches some children have brought from home and we look forward to this continuing throughout the year. Please click here for some healthy packed lunch choices.

It has been wonderful welcoming our new children in Nursery and Reception and we look forward to doing the same next week. We are continuing the policy of opening the gates at 8:40 am and children must be in class by 8:55 am.

You will have seen there are some changes in the planner including our exciting innovation ‘Word of the Day’. We firmly believe that every pupil needs to be able to learn to read and write and achieve in Maths. Our big push this year will be focused on those basic areas and to make as much progress as they possibly can.

We are holding an ‘Up The Ante’ meeting on the 17th September at 3:30 pm for all our year six parents and we look forward to meeting with them as we want to ensure everyone has a full working knowledge of the SATs pupils will be sitting in May.

On a final note, we know our parents are a talented group of people and if anyone would like to volunteer to help in school, please apply in writing to Ms Thomas.

We hope everyone has a peaceful and happy weekend.

Best wishes

Mr Tissot and Ms Thomas


Our class assemblies are held on Thursdays at 9:00am in the Top Hall. Parents and carers of the class hosting the assembly are warmly invited to attend.

10th October - Class 3

17th October - Class 2

31st October - Class 6S

7th November - Class 6M

14th November - Class 1

21st November - Class 4T

28th November - Class 4Y

5th December - Class 5C

12th December - Class 5G



16th September (Monday) - Year 4 Parent Curriculum Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (classroom)

17th September (Tuesday) - Year 6 ‘Up The Ante’ Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (Top Hall)

18th September (Wednesday) - Year 1 Parent Curriculum Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (classroom)

19th September (Thursday) - Year 3 Parent Curriculum Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (classroom)

20th September (Friday) - Year 2 Parent Curriculum Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (classroom)

23rd September (Monday) - Year 5 Parent Curriculum Meeting 3:30 – 3:45 pm (classrooms)



Thank you, O God, for another day.
Help me to spend it wisely and to spend it well.
Grant that everything I do today may be done as well as I can do it.
Grant that everyone I meet may be happier for the meeting.
Keep me all through today, conscientious in my work,
truthful in my speaking and loyal to my friends
and faithful to those who love me.
Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.



If you have a child in year 3 or above and you would like to have him/her prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation & First Holy Communion at Our Lady of the Rosary Church then collect a form from the Repository on Sundays between 08.30 & 12.30. For the Parish of Our Lady St. John’s Wood please visit the website for information and forms to register your child.