Friday 3rd May - Issue 105



A very warm welcome back to all our families - I trust that you had an enjoyable Easter break. This half term, despite being only four weeks long, is going to be a busy one. Please see the ‘dates for your diary’ section below for some important upcoming events.

Our annual Children’s Summer Party has always been an exciting event in our school calendar, but we are reliant on help from our parents to organise the party. If parents are interested in it happening again this year, please contact the school office to register your interest in volunteering to help/ organise the day. Thank you.

After school clubs have started this week. The ongoing feedback from children attending has been very positive. The Year 1 children are enjoying their MEND Club and Miss Caridade’s Yoga Club is proving to be very popular! There are still spaces available for Cookery, Performing Arts and Chess Club so please register as soon as possible if you which to reserve a place for your child. If you need a letter or have any questions, then please see Miss Wilson-Fyall. The full list of clubs is accessible on our school website.

As the weather is still very changeable, children are allowed to wear either summer or winter uniform until further notice.

In Sunday’s Gospel we will hear how Jesus appeared to his disciples for the third time. He called Simon Peter to continue in his footsteps and lead the Church by being a witness to the truth about Jesus. May we too be witnesses by sharing and showing God’s love to everyone we meet in this coming week.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Best wishes,

Miss Clare O’Connor



Parents are warmly invited to attend their child's class assembly.  Class assemblies are held on Thursdays at 9:00am in the top hall.

Thursday 9th May - Class 1

Wednesday 22nd May - Class 2

Thursday 13th June - Class 4

Thursday 20th June - Class 3


Monday 6th May - Bank Holiday

Tuesday 7th May - Year 5 at Lord’s Cricket Ground

Thursday 9th May - Class 1 Assembly

Thursday 9th May - Class 11 visit the library

Monday 13th - Thursday 16th May - Year 6 SATS

Thursday 16th May - Class 12 visit the library

Monday 20th May - Class and group photographs

Tuesday 21st May - Parent workshop 2:45pm - Staying Safe Online

Wednesday 22nd May - Class 2 Assembly

Thursday 23rd May - Class 9 visit the library

Monday 27th - Friday 31st May - Half term break


Monday 3rd June - INSET Day

Thursday 6th June - Class 8 visit the library

Wednesday 12th June - MEND Coffee Morning

Thursday 13th June - Class 4 Assembly

Thursday 13th June - Class 7 visit the library

Tuesday 18th June - Year 6 go to Westminster Cathedral - Adoremus Mass

Wednesday 19th June - KS2 Sports Day at Regents Park

Thursday 20th June - Class 3 Assembly

Thursday 20th June - Class 4 visit the library

Friday 21st June - EYFS Sports Day

Tuesday 25th June - KS1 Sports Day

Wednesday 26th June - Induction for Reception/Nursery September 2019 at 2:00pm

Thursday 27th Class 3 visit the library


Monday 1st July - Class 12 visit Chelsea Physic Garden

Wednesday 3rd July - Reception Graduation Ceremony 2:00pm

Wednesday 10th July - Year 6 End of Year Production 2:00pm

Thursday 18th July - Leavers’ Assembly Year 6 - 9:00am

Friday 19th July - School ends at 1:30pm




Dear Lord Jesus, please help us to be your witnesses by our love, so that others will come to know the joy of knowing you. Amen.


Class 9 are our attendance cup winners this week with a brilliant 99.5%.


A thank you from Mary’s Meals!


Dear Staff & Pupils

Thank you so much for your donation of £1,780.00 to Mary’s Meals, which will be used to provide life-changing meals for children in their place of education.

Supporting our school feeding programmes is a great way of helping hungry children to learn and giving them the best chance of a future free from poverty.

The daily meals we provide are enabling thousands of children to attend school and work towards their dreams. Children such as 14-year-old Chimza Harry, who attends Mwalamba Primary School in Malawi.

Chimza – whose full name, Chimwemwe, means joy – lives at home with his mother Lucia and three siblings. The family ran out of food stores soon after last year’s harvest, having only managed to grow one bag of maize.

He said: “I feel weak in the mornings when I walk to school. I feel lethargic, but I am excited to go to school because I will eat here, and learn.”

Chimza is top of his class and has been every year since he started school.

However, as the eldest male living in the household, he feels duty-bound to help support the family and is adamant that he would not be at school if it weren’t for the phala (porridge).

"When I eat the phala I get the strength to eat, study, walk home, and work.

“If there was no phala, I would have left school, because I know when I am hungry I cannot listen properly, I cannot learn. I would like to finish my education and become a doctor. I would like to help my people - the people around my village - to see a doctor in hospital faster."

Chimza’s academic achievements show he is right to be ambitious. Thanks to your generosity, he and thousands more children have the chance to realise their dreams. On behalf of the 1,425,013  children who currently receive Mary’s Meals, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours sincerely,

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow

CEO, Mary's Meals



In RE, class 12 are currently learning about 'Transformation'.

It's early days, but so far, we have learned about how we can transform our energy to do good deeds for others and to help others. We have also learned about how Cleopas and his friend met Jesus on the way to Emmaus. They were upset when they were talking about the crucifixion of Jesus. However, a man they did not recognise began talking to them. He spoke to them about the scriptures and how Jesus would rise again and be transformed into the Holy Spirit. Cleopas eventually recognised the man as Jesus when he disappeared! This encounter transformed disciples as they began to spread the news.  By Gracie


Month of Mary


The month of May is a special time for Catholics as we pray and pay homage to our Blessed Mother Mary.  The Rosary is also a prayer to remind us that Jesus loved us so much that he died on the cross for us. Each time we pray the rosary we should focus on Jesus’ life as well as a special person or intention that we want to pray for. Please make time to pray the Rosary together as a family.




Congratulations to all children who received certificates at this morning’s assembly. Keep up the good work!


This week’s house cup winners are More with 814 points! Well done!

Our overall house champions last term were More with an amazing 8504 points!