Friday 1st February - Issue 95



Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

God loves each one of us equally and unconditionally; he shares his love with us and calls us to share it with others too - to build strong communities of love, especially in our homes and schools. May we choose a way in which we can share God’s love with someone in this coming week.

Next Tuesday is Safer Internet Day.  All children will begin the day by joining in a Safer Internet Day assembly led by Mr Twigden (Computing coordinator). They will then be discussing how to stay safe online, and taking part in different activities in class. 

There are great websites available to give parents and carers key tips on how to keep their children safe online. I would recommend the childnet website.

Some of our older children are beginning to have mobile phones, I must stress the importance of talking to your child about what they are doing on their phones and also checking them regularly. A reminder that Whatsapp should only be used for over 16’s as there are no filters on this app. 

Parent Evenings will be taking place on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th February. Letters with individual log in details and instructions on how to book an appointment were sent home this week. Please contact the school office if you need assistance.

All parents are invited to our PTA meeting on Tuesday 5th February at 9:00 am in the bottom hall. We will be starting our ‘World on a Plate’ planning. Hope to see you there!

Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,

Miss Clare O’Connor



Parents are warmly invited to attend their child's class assembly.  Class assemblies are held on Thursdays at 9:00am in the top hall.

7th February - Class 12

14th February - Class 10

7th March - Class 9

14th March - Class 8


Tuesday 5th February - Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 5th February - PTA meeting, 9:00 am in the bottom hall

Thursday 7th February - Class 12 Assembly

Tuesday 12th February - Parents Evening

Wednesday 13th February - Parents Evening

Thursday 14th February - Class 10 Assembly

Monday 18th February - Friday 22nd February - Half term break


Wednesday 6th March - Ash Wednesday

Thursday 7th March - World Book Day

Thursday 7th March - Class 9 Assembly

Thursday 7th March - Year 6 Citizenship Day

Thursday 14th March - Class 8 Assembly

Thursday 14th March - Multicultural Day - World on a Plate - 3:30pm - 4:30pm




Dear Lord Jesus, please help our family to grow in your love and to share your love with others through the way we live our lives. Amen.


Class 11 are our attendance champions this week with 99.2% attendance. Well done! Our whole school attendance for this week is 92.2% - the cold weather has brought the usual winter illnesses with it. Please see below for advice from our school nurse, Caroline, on when to keep your child off school.



Class 11’s assembly was on ‘missions in life’. The children role played that they had to help children from a different school with their homework based on missions. Class 11 had a lot of information that they could share. They ended their assembly with a wonderful song. A big thank you to Mr Twigden for being such a special agent at the assembly and impressing everyone with his acting and agility skills.



Today we explored the snow! We went outside in small groups and talked about how it feels below our feet and in our hands. Class 1 had so much fun and we hope it snows again soon! 



Last Friday, Year 5 went to the British Museum to look at artefacts from Ancient Egypt.  We saw the Rosetta Stone and learnt how bodies are mummified. We also got the chance to look around other parts of the museum and some children had the chance to learn about different objects from a volunteer teacher.  Did you know that some people in Australia used to sleep on pillows made of wood? 



This week the children made their own drums. They had lots of fun making music with them! 



If your child is ill, it's likely to be due to one of a few minor health conditions.

Whether you send your child to school will depend on how severe you think the illness is. This guidance can help you make that judgement.

Remember: if you're concerned about your child’s health, consult a health professional.

Cough and cold. A child with a minor cough or cold may attend school. If the cold is accompanied by a raised temperature, shivers or drowsiness, the child should stay off school, and return to school 24 hours after they start to feel better. If your child has a more severe and long-lasting cough, consult your GP. They can give guidance on whether the child should stay off school. Get more information in Common cold.

 Raised temperature. If your child has a raised temperature, they shouldn't attend school. They can return 24 hours after they start to feel better. Learn more in Feverish illness in children.

 Rash. Rashes can be the first sign of many infectious illnesses, such as chickenpox and measles. Children with these conditions shouldn't attend school. If your child has a rash, check with your GP or practice nurse before sending them to school.

 Headache. A child with a minor headache doesn't usually need to be kept off school. If the headache is more severe or is accompanied by other symptoms, such as raised temperature or drowsiness, then keep the child off school and consult your GP.

 Vomiting and diarrhoea. Children with these conditions should be kept off school. They can return 48 hours after their symptoms disappear. Most cases of vomiting or diarrhoea get better without treatment, but if symptoms persist, consult your GP. Learn more in Rotavirus gastroenteritis.

 Sore throat. A sore throat alone doesn't have to keep a child from school. If it's accompanied by a raised temperature, the child should stay at home.



In Religious Education we have been learning about Sources. Some of the sources we have been using are the Bible. When we are using them we have to find scripture and link the scripture to our own lives. We have learnt to compare different gospels and investigate similarities and differences . We have been linking this to some of our own favourite passages and stories that we have grown up with.  By Halleluya, Year 6


On Sunday I competed in a table tennis tournament at the Greenhouse centre. I played against 7 players and I won all my matches to go through to the semi final - I came second out of 65 players! I was awarded with a medal. By Philipp

Well done to Philipp and Saxon for competing in the tournament and doing so well.






All parents are automatically part of the St. Edward’s PTA and there are many opportunities for everyone to get involved.

One of these opportunities is volunteering as a class rep - a great way to help the school and to get to know the other parents. Reps provide a great communication channel between PTA committee, the school and parents in the playground. The PTA is an important asset to the school. We organise events and help raise vital funds to benefit all our children. Being class rep allows you and the parents in your class to have a more active say in what the PTA does in terms of events and fundraising.

Typically the duties for class representatives are:

- To pass on information from the PTA to other parents in your child's class, collate the results of any surveys and encourage parents to support the PTA.
- Attend the AGM and PTA committee meetings (dates and times to be confirmed)
- Coordinate volunteers to help with fundraising activities. Reps will help to run a class stall at fairs with responsibility for setting up, managing the rota, clearing up and feeding back any information to the PTA committee.
- Organise informal social activities for parents/families in their child's class, ranging from play dates to coffee mornings. (That is optional but an effective way of generating team spirit and welcoming new families joining your class)
- Seek feedback from parents regarding PTA events or funding requests and pass it on to the committee.
- Recruit a new class rep towards the end of the summer term to take over in the new academic year.

We encourage you to sign up in pairs - tasks seem less daunting with a friend or a like minded parent  by your side! There is no formal specification for the role, but someone who is sociable, confident enough to approach parents and encourage them to help out at events and support the PTA, having organisational skills will also help. Being around at either drop off or pick up times most days will also help to build relationships with other parents. Being class rep isn’t only a job for the ‘MUMS’. Being involved as a dad can bring in fresh ideas and a different perspective!

Our PTA is currently looking for a Secretary to join our team. The Secretary ensures that the PTA runs smoothly and provides a link between Committee Members and the PTA, and between the PTA and the School.  This requires good organisational and communication skills and being able to stick to deadlines.

Secretary Job Role:
The Secretary is a key committee member as they are responsible for ensuring effective communication links between committee members and between the PTA and the school. The Secretary deals with all the correspondence that the PTA receives and helps the Chair ensure that committee meetings run smoothly. As well as dealing with correspondence, following a committee meeting, the Secretary will need to make bookings and other arrangements for events. Confirm arrangements made by telephone in writing (by letter or e-mail).  The Secretary will make arrangements for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and help the Chair prepare the annual report. 

Main duties:
• Deal with correspondence
• Arrange meetings
• Prepare and distribute agendas
• Take the minutes of meetings, type them up and distribute them.
• Write the annual report with the Chair
• Preparation and distribution of newsletters and other communications to parents
• Preparation of publicity flyers, posters, tickets, etc. for events
You will not do this role alone, we work as a team and always help each in anyway we can!


Did you know that whenever you buy anything online you could be raising a free donation for St. Edward’s Catholic Primary School PTA? There are over 3,100 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation when you shop with them, including Amazon, John Lewis and Sainsbury's and it doesn't cost you a penny extra!

To get started, all you have to do is:

  1. Join.
    Head to easyfundraising, search for St Edwards RC Primary School PTA - London and sign up for free.

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  3. Raise.
    After you've checked out, that retailer will make a donation to us and it won't cost you a penny extra!

Please help us by giving more than a gift - there are no catches or hidden charges and St Edwards Catholic Primary School PTA  will be really grateful for your donations.

Thank you to all our families for their continued support.



A big well done to all children who received certificates at this morning’s achievement assembly.


Oussama is the proud recipient of a gold Mathletics certificate and Ayshia received her Trinity College London entry level piano award. Well done! Keep up the good work!


More are our house cup winners this week again with 526 points! Well done!