Friday 23rd March - Issue 62

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Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

This Sunday we will be celebrating Palm Sunday - our chance to praise and thank Jesus for the many good things in our lives and for always being our friend.  As we look forward to Holy Week and continue in our preparation to celebrate the most important event in our Christian faith, the Resurrection of our Lord, we will holding special Liturgical assemblies next week led by classes 8,9 and 11.  Parents of the children in these classes are welcome to join us in the top hall  - please see details below.

On Wednesday we welcomed Cllr Nickie Aiken and representatives from TfL to St. Edward's to meet with our school council to discuss ideas on how to improve the traffic congestion and pollution in the immediate vicinity of our school.  Most importantly, our School Council were interested in working towards a solution to  minimise the pollution created by the bus stand adjacent to our school playground.  The meeting was was very successful and I wish to thank Cllr Aiken, TfL and Mrs Sheila D'Souza for their time and support.  I also wish to say well done to our School Council for expressing their views so articulately - they were wonderful representatives of our school.  


Today our different keystages held fundraising events for our chosen Lenten charity - Mary's Meals. They are an organisation that work in some of the world's poorest communities by providing a daily meal in school for children and by offering relief to those suffering, in any part of the world, as a result of humanitarian crises or poverty.  It was great to see all the messy hairstyles and costumes.  Thank you to to all the children who returned their collection boxes - we all had lots of fun and all for a very worthy cause!

The Elms will be running an Easter Camp at St. Edward's during the Easter holidays - please contact them directly to book a place for your child.  Leaflets have been sent home with children and you will find details below.

School closes on Thursday 29th March at 1:30pm for the Easter holidays.  Children come back to school on Tuesday the 17th April.

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to change your clocks forward by an hour!

Best wishes,

Miss C O'Connor



Parents are warmly invited to attend their child's class assembly.  Class assemblies are held on Thursdays at 9:00am in the top hall.

26th March - Palm Sunday Liturgy - Class 8

28th March - Maundy Thursday Liturgy - Class 9

29th March - Good Friday Liturgy - Class 11



26th March - Class 8 - Palm Sunday Liturgy

27th March - Flamenco Workshop year 3 to year 6

27th March - Bikeability - Rec to Year 2

27th March - Class 5 and Class 4 Hyde Park Science trip

28th March - Class 9 - Maundy Thursday Liturgy

29th March - Class 11 - Good Friday Liturgy 

29th March - School closes for Easter holiday at 1:30pm


17th April - Children return to school. Please be in the playground by 8:55am ready for the bell to ring.

18th April - Class 8 visit Chelsea Physic Garden

20th April - Class 7 visit Chelsea Physic Garden

25th April - Science Day




Dear Lord Jesus, as Holy Week approaches, we thank and praise you for giving your life for us, so that one day we too may know the joys of heaven.  Amen.


Well done to class 3 and class 10 - they have won the attendance trophies this week!



There were a total of 81 lates this week. We need to keep working on our punctuality! Children should be in the school playground before 8:55 ready for the bell to ring and seated in class ready to learn by 9:00am.  Children should not be arriving at school at this time. It is essential that children attend school punctually if they are to achieve their potential. Lateness not only adversely affects a child's attainment but also their personal and social skills and makes it difficult for them to settle for the day. They are also missing valuable learning time.  Lessons start promptly and when children arrive late in the classroom it becomes disruptive.  Punctuality is an important life skill so please help your child with this.



KS1 Superheroes!

KS1 are part of the Young Readers Programme with the National Literacy Trust. They had their first event today, "Superhero Day" as they are superheroes at reading!  The children got to pick a new book using the five finger test and began to read them. They can't wait to get another new book at the next event! 

Our EYFS children enjoyed the day by coming to school with messy hair!  All the money raised from today's fundraiser will go to Mary's Meals.


Year 3 visit Westminster Cathedral


On Thursday Year 3 were lucky enough to visit Westminster Cathedral and watch St Vincent de Paul school present the stations of the cross. It was wonderful to be able to take part in this special celebration getting ready for Easter. A big thank you to St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary for inviting us!


Maths Challenge

Four lucky children were chosen to attend the Christ's Hospital Year 5 London Maths Challenge at The Guildhall on Thursday 22 March 2018. Let's read on about what they thought about their day:

Our visit to Guildhall was an incredible time.  There were lots of maths problems and other fun things to do and 34 teams.  Firstly we took our places in the massive hall and the instructor explained to us what to do.  Then we had 8 minutes to do our word problems which were very hard.  We swapped tables to do our activities.  We continued until it was the final event and five questions.  The time at Guildhall was an amazing experience and as a reward, we ate some buiscuites which were available at the back of the hall.  We then had a photo with some of the people at Christs Hospital boarding school.  Finally we came back to school.  We wish that we could go again!  A big thank you to Ms Barbe for taking us.

Mun, Noor H, Natole and Swithin - Year 5. 


Year 5 create Cirque du Soleil stage designs

Rolls Royce Engineers were in to help support our students' with the working mechanisms of their Cirque du Soleil stage designs.  They will be working on these in the upcoming weeks as the creations involve a great deal of skill and intricacy.


Art Club

We are getting ready for Easter! The art club children painted wooden egg cups which they will finish decorating in the next session.  We look forward to seeing them when they are finished - I am sure they will look great!


Easter Holiday Camp at St. Edward's

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London Youth Games Tag Rugby


Our team of year 5 and 6 tag rugby players visited Crystal Palace on Thursday to take part in the annual London Youth Games Tag Rugby event.  They were chosen to represent Westminster. They put there team work and game skills to good use and had a great time competing against schools from all over London, displaying admirable sportsmanship.  They came 18th out of 33 boroughs.  Well done!


Congratulations to all children who received certificates at this morning's assembly!

Congratulations to all children who received certificates at this morning's assembly!

Congratulations to Roman Leo, Ahmed and Levio on being awarded their gold Mathletics certificates!