Friday 19th January - Issue 55

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Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

It has been another busy week at St. Edward's - Year 5 enjoyed a pizza making session at Pizza Express, Year 3 visited the National Portrait Gallery to sketch self portraits and Year 5 also were very fortunate to visit the Royal Albert Hall to watch a performance of Cirque Du Soleil.  On the sporting front, Mr Abbas took a team of year 5 and 6 boys to compete in a Westminster Athletics Tournament.  I would like to thank all parents who volunteered to accompany our children on these trips - we would not be able to go on these exciting outings without your help!

There were 120 children who achieved outstanding attendance for last term and therefore they were treated to a special disco on Thursday afternoon.  It was great to see them dressed up, have a good dance and enjoy themselves.  There is a strong link between good school attendance  and achieving good results so it is important that children are in school every day and on time.  I hope to see even more children at the next attendance disco!

On Friday 2nd February, St. Edward's School will be joining teachers and pupils all over the country in NUMBER DAY in aid of NSPCC.  It is a fantastic way to have fun with maths and an opportunity for our school to help fight for every childhood. Children will be asked to bring £1 into school and come to school dressed in own clothes related to numbers (Football shirts with numbers on them and ONEsies are great!)  Throughout the day there will be fun activities in class connected with Maths.  We hope that you will all take part in this worthwhile cause! 

We have organised Belinda Evans, our Computing consultant to join us at 9am on Tuesday 27th February for a 'Keeping your child safe online' session. Many of our children are using social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook and other sites (which have a recommended minimum age of 13) however we need to ensure that they are being safe online and not putting themselves at risk. Belinda is an expert in this area and she will hold a 30 minute session on how to stay safe, how to check what your child has been accessing and will answer any questions you have around staying safe while using the internet. The session will take place in the Top Hall at 9am (Tuesday 27th February), refreshments will be served. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Best wishes,

Miss C O'Connor



Parents are warmly invited to attend their child's class assembly.  Class assemblies are held on Thursdays at 9:00am in the top hall.

25th January - Class 4

1st February - Class 5

8th February - Class 7

1st March - Class 10

8th March - Class 12

26th March - Palm Sunday Liturgy - Class 8

28th March - Maundy Thursday Liturgy - Class 9

29th March - Good Friday Liturgy - Class 11



25th January - Class 4 assembly

25th January - Year 6 trip to Churchill Museum



1st February - Class 5 assembly

2nd February - NSPCC Number Day - whole school - children to wear own clothes (number related) with a £1 donation

8th February - Class 7 assembly

9th February - Deadline for Nursery applications September 2018 admission

9th February - School closes at 3:30pm for half term break

19th February - Children return to school

20th February - Class 9 visit Pizza Express

27th February - 9am - Keeping your child safe online session for parents - 9:00am top hall


1st March - Class 10 assembly

8th March - Class 12 assembly

26th March - Class 8 - Palm Sunday Liturgy

28th March - Class 9 - Maundy Thursday Liturgy

29th March - Class 11 - Good Friday Liturgy 


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Dear Lord Jesus,  thank you for our school and parish communities.  Please help me say 'yes' to you, and enrich the communities to which I belong.  Amen.


The attendance cups were awarded to classes 5 and 14 this week.  Well done!


Class 3's assembly

This week class 3 presented their assembly to the school about imagination and it was a brilliant success. Miss O'Connor was telling other people who couldn't make it how amazing it was. All of class 3 should be very proud of their efforts. The assembly was based on a book called 'Not a Stick'. In this book, the main character is playing with a stick. Everyone keeps asking him what he is doing with that stick. His response is always an imaginative one like; 'It's not a stick, it's a paintbrush!' for example. Everyone said their lines loud and clear so that everyone attending could hear them. Well done class 3, you have made your teachers so proud!


Class 10 make pizzas!

We all love pizza!  Especially when we make it ourselves and class 10 where lucky to do just that when they visited our local Pizza Express for a pizza making lesson.  They formed their own bases using fresh dough, added their favourite toppings and loads of cheese!  They had enormous fun trying their hand at being pizza chefs, but the best bit by far was eating the delicious pizzas!


Class 7 and 8 visit the National Portrait Gallery

This week Class 7 and 8 went to the National Portrait Gallery. They travelled by tube to Charing Cross and then arrived in Trafalgar Square. They saw some of the statues there and then walked up to the gallery. At the gallery the children met Mark who took them around. They looked in detail at three different self portraits. The children noticed that all three were different but all the same because the artist was drawing themselves. At the end they had a go recreating the self portrait L.S. Lowry did.


Class 9 Study Sound in Science

In class 9, children are learning the topic Sound in Science and on Thursday they investigated how sound travels using string telephones. Children had lots of fun constructing those and having a go listening to their friend's messages whilst learning that sounds happens bacuase of vibration! 


Rainforest Masks

Our year 4 children have been making rainforest masks in their Art lessons.  The children created animal and tribal masks using ModRoc and acrylic paint.  The masks make a beautiful and colourful display in our school foyer!


School Council

School council started the term with a visit from Annie from the Sustrans charity. We talked about what sustainable transport might be and what we thought of different forms of transport. We are going to be working with her over the year to make sure that we are using the most sustainable routes to school. We will keep you updated as to what we do - keep a look out in the newsletter!



Our Year 5 & 6 Athletics team went to the Jubilee Sports Centre on Tuesday to take part in a Westminster inter school athletics tournament.  Our St. Edward's team did very well to come fifth out of eleven schools!  Our athletes had great fun meeting children from other schools and learning new skills!



Congratulations to all children who received certificates at this morning's achievement assembly.


House Points

Campion are our house cup winners again this week!  Well done!