Friday 16th June - Issue 33



Dear Children, Parents, Carers,  Staff and Governors,

So many families have been affected by the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Towers and we are keeping them in our prayers and thoughts.  As a school we wish to do as much as we can to support and offer help to those affected. Therefore next Friday 23rd June we will be holding an own clothes day.  We are joining other schools across west London in wearing green items of clothing so we can come together as a community to raise funds for those in need.  Please send your child to school with a donation of £1 or more if you can.  Our school council will also be arranging other activities on the day.

Our children will be asking questions and seeking reassurances after seeing the media coverage of such a frightening event.   I have included some guidance on how we can support them to try and understand and come to terms with such a tragic and sad event.  Please click here for more information.

Every year we conduct our Parent Survey as part of reviewing our school's performance.  The comments and suggestions provided by parents are invaluable to our school's management team and is used to identify areas where we 'do well' and the areas where we 'need to improve'. Your feedback and opinions are very important and so I ask that you please take the time to complete the survey.  A text message will be sent out with a link to enable you to do so.

On behalf of our whole school, I want to say a very big thank you to our PTA for organising the Summer Kids Party today.  Everyone had a brilliant time and our children were kept entertained and delighted with a variety of fun activities!  What a great way to enjoy a sunny Friday afternoon!  Our PTA put so much effort and time into arranging events that enrich our children's schooling - so once again thank you very much!  

The next big event of the year will be our Summer Fair on Saturday 8th July and we would be very grateful of any help, be that by offering your time or by way of donations.  The PTA will be holding a coffee morning next week on Wednesday 21st June at 9:00am in the bottom hall and anyone who is able to help with planning the summer fair is warmly invited to attend.  Your support is always greatly appreciated!

Our KS1 children (year 1 and 2) will be taking part in their sports day on Monday.  Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit and trainers (no plimsolls), sun protection and an extra drink for the morning.  Parents are welcome to attend from 9:30am to watch their children participate and to cheer them on!  Our Nursery and Reception children will have their sports day on Friday 23rd June.

A reminder to our Nursery parents whose children will be joining us in Reception this September - there is an induction meeting on Wednesday 21st June at 2:00pm in the top hall. You will be given further joining information, visit the Reception classrooms and you will have the opportunity to view and order uniform from Ace Clothing.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Best wishes,

Miss Clare O'Connor



Parents are warmly invited to attend their child's class assembly.  Class assemblies are held on Thursdays at 9:00am in the top hall.

22nd June - Class 10

29th June - Class 5

6th July - Class 6

13th July - Class 8

20th July - Year 6 Leavers Assembly


Monday 19th June - KS1 Sports Day 9:30am - at school

Tuesday 20th June - Class 9 visit the library

Wednesday 21st June - PTA Coffee Morning @ 9:00am - Summer Fair planning

Wednesday 21st June - Year 3 attend Multi Sports Fun Day

Wednesday 21st June - Reception Induction for September 2017 start at 2:00pm

Thursday 22nd June - Class 10 assembly

Friday 23rd June - Own clothes day - please come dressed in green and bring a donation 

Friday 23rd June - Last day for raffle tickets and monies 

Friday 23rd June - EYFS Sports Day 9:30am - at school

Tuesday 27th June - Class 10 to visit the library

Tuesday 27th June - First Communion Mass

Wednesday 28th June - Year 2 attend Multi Sports Fun Day

Wednesday 28th June - Class 12 Floating Classroom Trip

Wednesday 28th June - Nursery Induction for September 2017 start at 2:00pm

Thursday 29th June - Class 5 assembly

Thursday 29th June - Class 11 Floating Classroom Trip


Wednesday 5th July - Year 5 Celebration Day on Floating Classroom

Wednesday 5th July - Year 1 attend Multi Sports Fun Day

Thursday 6th July - Class 6 assembly

Saturday 8th July - St. Edward's PTA Summer Fair

Thursday 13th July - Class 8 assembly

Thursday 20th July - Year 6 Leavers assembly

Friday 21st July - last day of term - school finishes at 1:30pm




Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name: thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us: and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Amen.



Well done to class 2 (98.9%), class 10 (98.6%0 and class 12 (98.6%) on winning the attendance awards this week!


Class 9's assembly

Class 9's assembly was about Tudor times, especially about Henry VIII and his six wives.  They shared with us many interesting facts about life in Tudor times.  The children looked like real actors and actresses sharing lots of funny and fascinating facts about Henry VIII and his six wives.  We even heard Emilie talking in German because she was Anne of Cleves, so we really got a taste of what it was like to hear her speak!


Year 5 visit the Canal Museum

This past week both of our year 5 classes had the wonderful opportunity to visit the London Canal Museum as part of our Floating Classroom unit.  As the museum name may suggest, we are studying the old canal transportation systems that were built in England 200-250 years ago.  The children painted paper plates to first learn the technique and then later applied the same technique to a plant pot which will eventually go home with them as their very own artifact!  The canal system itself used to be an ice storage facility.  In these times ice was a very precious and expensive commodity so it had to be stored deep in the ground where it was cooler so it didn't melt.  The children learnt how ice was cut into cubes in Norway and then transported across the sea to the United Kingdom where it was then transported along the canal system.  



On Thursday the St. Edward's football team where invited to a football tournament hosted by QPR.  They faced 4 teams in their group and won every match.  They played brilliantly to get through to the finals, winning all their matches and the tournament!  Well done on bringing home another trophy!  Our team will compete again next year to defend their title.  A big thank you to all the parents that went along to support and volunteer on the day.

St. Edward's vs. John Perryn: 4 - 0

St. Edward's vs. Salusbury: 3 - 2

St. Edward's vs. St. John:  4 - 2


Well done to all the children who received certificates at this morning's achievement assembly!

Well done to all the children who received certificates at this morning's achievement assembly!



Well done to Southwell for winning the hose cup this week!