Friday 20th January - Issue 16




Dear parents, carers and children, 

What an eventful and exciting week we have had at St. Edward's!  The colder weather certainly has not deterred us from being busy and getting out and about.

On Wednesday we had a special visitor to our school, Hannah Beharry.  Hannah is a Team GB boxer and Athlete Mentor.  She led a special assembly in which we were all encouraged to 'be the best you can be.'  She also held individual year group workshops which were enjoyed very much by our children.  Hannah is an excellent positive role model for young people and I am sure we all found her to be an inspiration and motivation.  

Thank you to the families who were able to attend the MEND workshop yesterday where we were given advice on healthy eating and exercising and how to incorporate these into our hectic everyday family lives.  MEND have been very active in our school since September, working with years 1 and 4, and we will be organising more whole school events like these. Please do keep a look out for details.

Our year 6 classes have been busy with their mock SATs exams this week so a big well done to them for getting through the tests!  These are excellent preparation for the real SATs in May. For their hard work, they were rewarded with an outing to the Churchill War Rooms today which I am sure was a nice break from the classroom!

On the sporting front,  Mr Abbas arranged a friendly football match with Hampden Gurney on Wednesday in which our year 5 and 6 football team performed brilliantly.  Well done boys! Today our year 5 cricket team competed in a Capital Kids Cricket event at Lord's .

NSPCC treated us to a special assembly on Monday and today we had a sponsored Dance-a-thon!  The top hall was transformed into a disco with big speakers, lights and DJs and all the children (and staff!) had a fantastic time on the dancefloor!  Of course it is all in aid of a good cause so please get as many of your family and friends to sponsor you!  You have until Friday 27th January to return your sponsorship form and money.

Please note that we have had to postpone class 5's assembly that would have taken place on Thursday 26th January.  Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. We will reschedule the assembly for later in the year and will let you know.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Best wishes, 

Miss O'Connor 


Class Assemblies

Parents are warmly invited to attend their child's class assembly.  Class assemblies are held on Thursdays at 9:00am in the top hall.



CLASS 12:  2ND MARCH          

CLASS 11:  9TH MARCH          

CLASS 10:  16TH MARCH         




Half term Dates

Week beginning 13th February 2017.

Click here for all term dates.



Dear Lord Jesus,  thank you for calling us to follow you.  Please help us to be your faithful followers so that our world may become a better place.  Amen.



Congratulations to classes 1 and 10 for winning the attendance cups this week!


Class 6's Assembly

Class 6 presented a brilliant assembly all about 'Habitats' and they had many interesting facts to share with us.  We particularly enjoyed the quiz and singing a song about Habitats.  It is always lovely to share these events with parents and families so thank you to everyone who came along to enjoy the assembly!


'Be the best you can be!' - A visit from Hannah Beharry (Athlete Mentor)

"I like Hannah because she inspires me to carry on with all of my dreams.  Her life story made me feel devastated because people would laugh at Hannah when she was young.  People have the right to do want they want!  I want more people like Hannah in the world because she will spread joy and dreams to the world."  Woud, class 12



NSPCC Dance-a-thon

We all enjoy a good dance and definitely made the most of our NSPCC Dance-a-thon!  The top hall was transformed into a disco with DJs and lights.  Children and staff had a great time showing off their moves!  What made it even more special is that it was all for a good cause! Children must please remember to return their completed NSPCC sponsorship forms and monies to school by Friday 27th January.   Thank you!


Churchill War Rooms

Year 6 had a wonderful trip today at the Churchill War Rooms.  They saw what life what like for Winston Churchill during WW2 and listened to an audio tape to further their knowledge.


Birthday Cakes

I mentioned last week that we appreciate that parents and children enjoy celebrating and sharing their birthdays with classmates and staff but, due to health and safety and the number of our children who suffer from allergies, we are unable to distribute cake at school.  The safety of our children is our utmost priority, so please do not bring cake, cupcakes, doughnuts, etc, into school for staff to hand out in class.  Parents are still more that welcome to make up party packs with small items of stationery, toys, puzzles etc.  I appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this matter.


Attendance Disco

A special disco will be held on Friday the 27th January for those children who have achieved outstanding attendance and received a certificate at December's Achievement Assembly.  The children with 99%/100% attendance must come to school dressed in school uniform and bring a change of clothes for the disco.



Well done to the year 5 and 6 football team who beat Hampden Gurney 5-1 in a friendly this week at school.  Mr Abbas said, "It was really good to see the children making new friends and of course winning."  


Capital Kids Cricket

Our year 5 cricket team went to Lord's Cricket Ground today to take part in the Capital  Kids Cricket Westminster Borough round of the British Land Kids Cricket League 2016/17.  We played extremely well against Essendine Primary and really enjoyed ourselves.  Our team is looking forward to participating in more matches soon.


Achievement Assembly was not held this morning due to our NSPCC dance-a-thon.  



Well Southwell on winning the house cup this week!