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We have recently signed up to Discovery Education Espresso and Coding.  Pupils are able to access both Espresso and Coding at school and at home.  There are over 8000 videos and 1000s of other resources aligned to all curriculum areas and grouped into key stages. 

What is Espresso?

Espresso is the UK's leading educational digital content company.  Espresso Primary is a comprehensive, easy-to-use and constantly growing library of digital educational resources. Learning materials are all created in line with the New National Curriculum.

What are the advantages of Espresso Primary?

  • It is intuitive to use, and quick to navigate

  • It matches the high expectations of a modern, sophisticated audience

  • Engaging material is linked with the latest news from television and the internet

  • Subject and topic-based modules are developed by education professionals

Parents and pupils can login in here.



Click here to access.