'Be the Best you can Be'

We are beginning our new PSCHE programme 'Be the Best you can Be'. 

To begin our new topic we were fortunate enough to have a guest speaker Hannah Beharry. Boxing for England and Great Britain, with a string of gold medals under her belt aged just 23, Hannah is an inspirational role model and ambassador for the positive influence of sport.

Once faced with an uncertain future, Hannah chose to walk away from a life of crime at the age of 17 when she discovered a positive channel for her energies at All Stars, one of London’s most prominent boxing clubs.

Hannah has demonstrated the passion and ability to compete as a serious contender in amateur boxing. Hannah has transformed her life through sport, not only excelling at boxing, but acting as a strong role model for her local communities by promoting boxing in schools. She spoke to all children and held workshops, where children were able to find out more and discover the importance of being the Best we can Be!!