St. Edward's Catholic Primary School is a community where the spiritual, cultural and personal worlds within which we live are harmonised to form the roots from which grow our values, motivation, aspirations and the moral imperatives that inform our choices and actions as persons. When pupils join our school they become part of this community. Every day starts with an Act of Worship, we give thanks before lunch and we end the day with a prayer. We believe that Christ is at the centre of all we do and therefore we offer each child a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum of the highest standard to meet their spiritual, emotional, moral, intellectual and physical needs and to prepare them for the responsibilities of adult life.

The programme of Religious Education we follow is in line with the Catholic Directory as specified by the Bishops Conference of England and Wales. Religious Education is taught to all children in the school for two and a half hours per week and is considered central to the whole school curriculum. We follow the programme that is recommended by the Diocese of Westminster which is the ‘Here I Am’ Scheme. Through this scheme, the children are taught the basics of Catholic faith and morality, through constant reference to their own life experience. They are helped to come to a fuller knowledge and love of God, which will develop into mature Christian living.


St. Edward’s School is a voluntary aided Primary School which was opened on the Feast of St. Edward – October 13th, in 1851. The original school, consisting of three classrooms, was built by the Sisters of Mercy to educate needy children in the area. After the Education Act of 1870 the school was recognised by the London Board.

With the coming of the Railway and influx of labourers into the neighbourhood the numbers of children increased.  Despite the need for more classrooms, the Sisters could not afford to extend the school until some of the Convent grounds were requisitioned for the building of Marylebone Station.  The school was then extended to seven classrooms. At the beginning of the century the school came under the umbrella of the London County Council, later the Inner London Education Authority, as a Voluntary Aided School, and continues as such under the City of Westminster LEA.

Work on the new classrooms began in 1961, part of the old school being incorporated into the new school. There were now twelve classes (eight Junior and three Infants and a Nursery Class). 1994 saw the building of new outdoor toilets replacing the old ones and thus making room for a new classroom for Year 1 pupils. In September 1998 St. Edward’s amalgamated with Tyburn Infants, a one form entry infant school whose children always attended St. Edward’s junior classes.

To allow pupils to be taught on one site three further classes, known as the Tyburn Block, were built during the academic year 1998 – 1999. All pupils have been taught at one site since September 1999.

Class of 1958

Class of 1958